Tabletopia has taken a new step towards making playing multiplayer board games on your iPad even simpler.
The most recent update to the app has finally brought online multiplayer, so now you and your friends can play loads of board games together without having to tidy anything up.

Tabletopia was released on the iPad earlier this year and it's been slowly but surely adding more board games and extra features to play around with.

The dev has also been hard at work making the Android version of the game, and that means cross-platform play will be coming in the near future.

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The app is an excellent way to play board games digitally, but it also allows you to prototype and playtest your very own games.

It opens a whole new avenue for creativity which would be quite a bit trickier to do otherwise, and who knows, what you come up with might end up being the next Codenames.

There are hundreds of games to play (a lot of them free) on Tabletopia, so annoy your friends to download it and get playing. You can find the app on iOS and it'll be available on Android soon.