Fire Emblem Heroes is still doing quite well for itself, according to a new report from Sensor Tower. In fact, Fire Emblem Heroes has surpassed Nintendo’s other mobile offerings by a long shot. Fire Emblem Heroes has earned $400 million to date, and those numbers are still climbing at a healthy rate. Meanwhile, Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are sitting well below the $100 million mark at $64 million and $42 million earned respectively.

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Heroes had earned $300 million by the game’s first anniversary, and has been bringing in $20 million per month on average since the game’s launch. According to Sensor Tower, 56% of in-app purchases come from Japan, with the United States making up another 31%. 

While many were concerned about Fire Emblem Heroes' free-to-play gacha elements, that doesn’t seem to have deterred people from investing in the game over the past few months, as Nintendo continues to roll out new updates full of collectible characters.

Sensor Tower notes that June was an especially good month for the game, earning $23 million worldwide, the second best month since the game’s launch, so it looks like there aren’t any signs of slowing down just yet. We have an updated Fire Emblem Heroes tier list if you decide to give this game a shot!

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