Did you check out our last stream? The one with all the whisky and the Scottish people? The one that focused on the excellent Isle of Skye?

It was great wasn't it. And next week we're going to be doing something similar. Except this time the focus is going to be on Talisman.

Yup, that's right, James Gilmour is going to be taking on the legendary magical quest game for your viewing pleasure. Will he turn into a toad? Will he grab the crown of command? These are all questions that may or may not be answered.

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If you've not heard of Talisman, it's the digital adaptation of the legendary Games Workshop board game. You choose a character, then fight, loot, puzzle, and chance your way around a giant game board, sometimes competing with the other players as you do.

It's renowned for being cruel in the luck department, and as we all know, that's the sort of thing that James "killed by a fly" Gilmour really revels in. Click here and you can read our review of the digital edition.

And click here and you'll be taken to the Twitch page where all the goodness is going to kick off at 5pm UK time on Tuesday, and where you can watch back all the other streams we've done in the meantime.

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