If you’ve been hankering for a Digimon game on the Switch, your wait will be over before you know it. Digimon Survive, whose Japanese release was revealed earlier this month, has now been confirmed for a western release sometime next year.

The game is being released to celebrate the Digimon anime’s 20th anniversary, but Survive will have a unique separate story. Digimon Survive is one part visual novel, and one part strategy RPG, telling the story of a group of teenagers who get lost on a camping trip and accidentally find themselves in the world of Digimon.

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Players will have to make some pretty serious decisions for the characters—the dialogue options you choose will ultimately determine how the story pans outs. The battles themselves are a tactical affair. You’ll guide the Digimon you collect across a battlefield to fight monsters, and you’ll be able to digivolve or warp digivolve your monsters based on the bonds you forge with your friends.

There’s no set release date just yet, but expect to see Digimon Survive on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.