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In just under an hour's time, we're going to be strapping on our kilts, pulling out our bagpipes, eating a sheep's stomach filled with veg and intestines, and playing our way through Isle of Skye on Twitch.

Your host James Gilmour will be able to explain what everything means because he's originally from Scotland. He's probably been to the Isle of Skye and bartered with other chieftans in real life. I don't really know what happens in Scotland.

Here's the link you're going to need at 5pm UK time. Get it clicked, get the kettle on, and sharpen your claymore. This is going to be a good one.

And if you'd prefer to watch it from the comfort of our stylish website, you'll spot a button at the top of the site once the stream goes live. Click on that and you're away.

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