We hope you all had an excellent weekend and, if you live in the UK, you managed to avoid getting hit by lightning. If you didn't manage to avoid it, we hope you're enjoying your new super powers.

This is just a little reminder that tomorrow evening at 5pm UK time, we're going to be taking to Twitch to stream Isle of Skye, the latest digital board game adaptation from Asmodee Digital.

The game involves placing tiles and building up your chiefdom, earning VP for a variety of different things at different points of play. Think Catan, but simpler in some respects and more complex in others.

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Basically it's great, and if you don't believe us you can check out our review of the mobile version of the game here. It got a Gold Award, which is pretty darn swanky.

Anyway, this is the link you're going to need to check out the stream when it starts. If you click on it now you'll be able to check out a whole bunch of videos of the other brilliant streams we've been doing lately.

Oh, and if you've started playing Isle of Skye and you're having trouble getting to grips with some of the mechanics, click right here to check out our guide.

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