The ridiculously funny and challenging game Surgeon Simulator will be getting a Switch port this Autumn.

Bossa Studios hinted at the release earlier this month with a teaser trailer, but other than the main character's hand knocking a bunch of stuff over it wasn't clear what exactly the trailer was about until now.

Surgeon Simulator CPR, which stands for Co-op Ready Play, will have the same janky difficult controls, have all of the gruesome levels from previous versions of the game, and include the alien autopsy mode. Ew. And as the name suggests, there will be a co-op mode, taking full advantage of the Switch joy-cons.

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The game has you perform various different surgical transplants on patients using the tools available to you. One level has you give a patent a new heart by cracking through their bones with a hammer or a saw or really whatever you want, all the while trying to use the complicated controls that will inevitably lead to, let's just say, accidents.

We had mixed feeling of Surgeon Simulator on iPad, but it's undeniable how humorous playing through the game is. If you’re interested in replacing someone's heart with a watch then Surgeon Simulator CPR will be available on Switch later this Autumn.