Pocket-Run Pool, the latest from designer Zach Gage, is getting its biggest update yet as the game moves into version 2.0. The update is a doozy, adding loads of new content, along with some general fixes to streamline the experience.

Tomorrow’s update introduces two new betting tiers, as well as five conditions that include Super Ball, Poison Balls, 2 Sinks/Pocket, Explosive Pockets, and Putt Putt. Plus you’ll find new unlockable cuesticks and new backgrounds. Pocket-Run Pool is getting a less-cluttered menu as well, as well as fewer adds and bug fixes.

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We gave Pocket-Run Pool a Gold Award when it launched this past spring. The game looks a whole lot like classic pool, but changes up the game’s scoring for a creative strategic twist. Each pocket on the table has a score multiplier whose value rotates every time you pocket a ball. You only have three shots to get the highest score, so you’ll have to use this system in clever ways. Have you given Pocket-Run Pool a try? Tell us about your strategies in the comments.