We've covered the best RPGs on iPhone and iPad many times, but there's a whole vast role playing game sub-genre that deserves a list of its own.

We're talking, of course, about the JRPG, or Japanese Role Playing Game. It might not have started there, but no single country has had quite such a singular and wide-ranging influence on the wider role playing game genre.

You know a JRPG when you see one, too. From their distinctive anime-influenced graphics to their outlandish (if frequently formulaic) tales of amnesiac heroes and bizarre creatures, these games have an adventurous spirit all of their own.

What's more, there are a whole bunch of great JRPGs on mobile. Some are ports, while others are complete originals.

We've bundled the best of these mobile JRPGs into the following list. Somewhat inevitably, it's a list dominated by Square Enix, but we've included a fair few alternative treats in the interest of some kind of balance.

If you're wondering where Final Fantasy Blarg or Dragon Quest Bloop is, let's just take both franchises' heavy representation here as a hefty proxy vote.