Watch Ticket to Ride | Official Asmodee Digital Stream from asmodeedigital on

Did you miss our Ticket to Ride Twitch stream last night? Hey, don't worry about it. We're all busy people with lots on our plates. And now you've got the chance to watch the whole stream in its entirety, so you've not really missed anything.

Let me set the scene for you though. James Gilmour, your suave and attractive host, decided yesterday, spurred on by patriotic fervour, to play the England map in the game. Or, in other words, he basically decided on a whim to play the game on hard more.

England, you see, has different rules, and a different set of permission cards to the ones James was used to. As you might imagine, chaos and hilarity ensued. I don't think a life as some sort of hench fat controller beckons for young master Gilmour.

Anyway, the stream's embedded above, and if you like what you see, then make sure you click this link and check out the other digital board game streams we've been smashing out of the park.

We'll be back next week, 5pm UK time, showing off another Gold Award-winning board game adaptation, Isle of Skye. So be there or be square. Or be there AND be square. Either works.

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