If you've ever dreamed about owning your own cat cafe then perhaps Furistas Cat Cafe is the puurfect game for you. Made by the New Zealand based studio Runaway Play, the game is out today on iOS and Android for free.

The game has you adopt various breeds of cats that stay in your cafe. You pair them with your guests, they relax, play and might grab a coffee while they're at it. You decorate the interior with homely carpets, couches and plants, making exactly the cat café you want.

There is even a chance to get your own cat in the game, yes, you read that correctly. On the Furistas Cat Cafe site, you can upload a picture and a description of your cat. It will go up against someone else's cat and if it gets enough votes then within 48 hours your kitty will be in the game to adopt.

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The cute cartoonish art style lends itself very well to the tone of the game but it's hard to say how it will actually play. The gameplay video above shows of how some of the mechanics work but doesn't really provide much of an idea on the game's progression hooks.

Nonetheless, it does look like a nice little game and it's full of adorable kitties. You can pet all the cats in Furistas Cat Cafe on iOS and Android right now.