Funko and Jazwares have struck gold by signing a deal with Epic Games to produce Fortnite themed toys.

Funko, mainly known for their signature toy Funko Pops, will be adding characters from Fortnite to the Pop line of products, as well as various others like Vynl, Pint Sized Heroes, and even keychains and clothes.

Meanwhile, Jazwares will be creating dedicated action figures, plushes, replicas and loot boxes. Fortnite and loot boxes… oh god. Both Funko and Jazwares will have Fortnite themed products out just in time for Christmas this year.

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Fortnite has arguably been Epic Game’s biggest success, they just surpassed $1 billion from in-game purchases alone. Now it seems like with this toy deal Epic wants to expand their property and make a franchise. I wouldn't at all be surprised if we saw an animated Fortnite TV show in the future.