Zoolock is a classic aggro archetype that's been around from the earliest days of the game. It's particularly popular with new players because you can build a pretty powerful deck on the cheap. It's fallen out of favour the last few seasons, though, as the meta has slowed down.

Now though, it's back with a very surprising twist. What was once known as a super-aggressive deck now comes packed with healing effects. Yet it works thanks to some unusual combos, and it can help keep you in the game if you suffer a bad draw.

Card Choices
  • 2 x Flame Imp
  • 2 x Kobold Librarian
  • 2 x Soul Infusion
  • 2 x Soulfire
  • 2 x Voidwalker
  • 2 x Doubling Imp
  • 2 x Doomguard
  • 2 x Lightwarden
  • 2 x Voodoo Doctor
  • 1 x Prince Keleseth
  • 2 x Fungal Enchanter
  • 2 x Happy Ghoul
  • 2 x Tar Creeper
  • 1 x Void Ripper
  • 2 x Lifedrinker
  • 2 x Saronite Chain Gang
  • 1 x Spellbreaker
  • 2 x Fungalmancer
  • 1 x Leeroy Jenkins

Deck code:

Although there are a few pricey cards in this build, it's easy to replace them with budget options, although it weakens the deck.

Keleseth is the most important big card here: run him if you can. If you can get him out early his hero power is a massive game swing. If you need to replace him, there are plenty of good options for that 2-mana slot.

There are so many, in fact, that you'll want to run a number of them: junk Doubling Imp and maybe one Saronite Chain Gang. Then fill your deck with two Dire Wolf Alpha and two Vulgar Homuculus.

The other Legendary is new Boomsday card The Solarium. You can simply swap this for a second Lifedrinker. It's a useful card but not necessary: indeed it can occasionally backfire.

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