Though the mobile scene at E3 was a little - er - sparse, Nintendo's Switch Direct gave us a ton of stuff to look forward to, including a port of Dragon Ball FighterZ. We know when it'll be launching and what to expect from it, and now we've got a little more info to dig into.

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Over on Ryokutya, it was revealed that two upcoming DLC characters are, unsurprisingly, Base Vegeta and Base Goku and should be going for about 500 yen a piece.

It was also pointed out that Base Goku has a couple of moves: Kaio-ken (consecutive attacks using a combination of buttons) and Super Spirit Bomb (the strongest, but slowest attack). While Base Vegeta has Galick Gun (fires energy at the ground/sky) and Galaxy Breaker (fires energy from his whole body).

As for the open beta test for Switch-users, so far it looks like there'll be one running sometime in August. We're not sure just yet whether it'll be just in Japan or worldwide, but I'd be rather surprised if it wasn't since the game releases in Japan, US, and Europe just a day apart - that's September 27th/28th.