After numerous delays, Fantasy Life Online will be released in Japan on July 23rd. Level-5 announced the spin-off for their 3DS game, Fantasy Life, back in 2015 and after a tricky development cycle, they are finally able to let the world play the game.

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Fantasy Life Online resembles its predecessor in a lot of ways. It's a life sim set in a fantasy world, so you can make a farm, go fishing, decorate your house, and of course battle mythical creatures - it is a fantasy game after all. If you enjoy Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, then there's a good chance that you'll enjoy this.

We gave Fantasy Life a silver award when it was first released in 2014
. It had a massive amount content that you could easily sink hours upon hours into, and it seems like Fantasy Life Online will be no different.

Fantasy Life Online will be out in Japan on July 23rd for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there's no word on a western release. We'll just hope that it does really well in Japan so they can get it to us quicker.