Pokemon Go creators, Niantic, released a statement yesterday announcing their acquisition of California-based game dev team, Seismic Games.

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Seismic is known for the rather excellent Marvel Strike Force and Blade Runner Revelations. They'll still continue to work on their own games but will now also be working on AR projects alongside Niantic. It's tough to say what exactly the team will be developing, but just last month Niantic showcased a few different AR experiences they're working on.

They've hinted at an update to Pokemon Go's AR which shows Pikachu running around and hiding behind real-world objects. They also previewed a whole new AR multiplayer game called Codename: Neon, where you fire balls of light at your friends.

So perhaps Seismic will be helping them out with that or something entirely different. Regardless, it seems like a wise acquisition on Niantic's part since the studio is made up of industry veterans that have come from AAA studios. Marvel Strike Force was very enjoyable indeed, so it'll be interesting to see what they end up producing in the future.

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