Martin Jonasson, the creator of Twofold inc. and Rymdkapsel, has just announced his new game, Holedown. It will be released for iOS and Android later this month on the 26th for £3.99 / $3.99.

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The game looks a bit different from its predecessors, but seems just as enjoyable. Holedown is a brick breaker game, not so dissimilar from Ballz. You aim and fire loads of little balls at the brinks. Each brink, which is in the shape of Tetris pieces, has a number on it which goes down every time it's hit with a ball.

Aesthetically, Joansson's also trying new things with this game. While Twofold inc. and Rymdkapsel were very angular and minimalist in their art style, Holedown has a lot more curves and the balls and shapes bounce around on impact. It's cute and charming, but also has a wide colour palette which has always been present in Joansson's games.

We loved Twofold inc. and Rymdkapsel a lot, so we're excited to get our hands on Holedown when it's available on iOS and Android on the 26th later this month.