Growing up there's probably a fair few of you (myself included) who wished that Hogwarts was real. Partly for the feasts, partly for the magic, partly for the awesome school, and partly to kick your fellow classmates' butts in duelling.

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Rather than taking up a pistol, in Duelling Club you raise your wand to strike your opponent first. Starting today and running through July 15th, all Facebook connected players will be able to play against folks from around the world in this first event of its kind.

You'll be granted three tickets at the beginning of the event, each of which allows you to enter a duel. If you win your duel you'll reap a special reward and hold onto your ticket. If you lose, you'll have to say bye-bye to one of your tickets.

According to its press release, there will be more duelling events throughout summer, so don't worry too much if you miss this one. So, get updating and enjoy the event while it's here.

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