If you know deep down that your reflexes and speed skills are faster than your friends, Color Tracks Go is the perfect game to prove it. Free for download on iOS and Android now, the aim is to use all your fingers to tap the required colours fast enough in its tracks, working your way up the online leaderboard to reach as high as possible.

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There are many modes of play in Color Tracks Go. Curves mode, for example, challenges players to stay in-keeping with the curved paths that will continue to move, also possibly intersect. The second mode is known as Reflection, whereby the direction of colour movement reflects the tracks and change throughout the level over time. Colours change every 10 taps so you’ll need to stay focused.

Stepping into a world of colour is always made easier thanks to plenty of levels that provide a fun challenge with every cycle. The lines and tracks will rotate, flip, curve, and spin, and the track count will even change during gameplay - but just how fast can you tap and work your way through them? Color Tracks Go encourages you to brag about your score, with Twitter and Facebook integration making it easy to share with others.

Keep up with all the colourful goings on in Color Tracks Go, free today from both the App Store and Google Play.