The Voxel Agents latest game, The Gardens Between, has been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch later this year. It looks to be a surreal, time-travel puzzle game, so you might want to keep your eye on this one if it’s the type of thing you lean towards.

The Gardens Between features friends Arina and Frendt, who must navigate a surrealist world full of mysterious islands. You’ll guide the two friends on their journey, manipulating time to complete some pretty imaginative environmental puzzles and reach the top of each island.

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Reaching the peak of each isle lights up constellations that reveal little memories that weave the story into the gameplay. The team behind the game is promising a bittersweet tale of friendship and childhood. Simon Joslin, The Voxel Agents co-founder, said that bits of the story were actually inspired by the team’s own childhoods. You’ll be able to play The Gardens Between on Switch later this year in Q3 2018.

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