Last month we learnt that Tropico is on its way to iPad and, while we're still waiting for a hint of a release date, we've got a little look at the game's UI.

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Just to catch you up if you missed that piece and don't know what I'm on about, Tropico is a dictator-style city builder where you have to manage your economy, demands, and city, and steer it in the direction you want. Police state, industrial wonderland, holiday escape - you name it.

This new look at the game's UI introduces the thoroughly convenient Dictator's Desk. The Desk has six elements:

  • Intel - Here, you'll be able to view all notices that require your presidential attention.
  • Avatar - This represents your presence as El Presidente and you can send it on visits to raise productivity.
  • Edicts - Browse/issue political policies to keep your citizens in check.
  • Overlays - Real-time info on all aspects of your island.
  • Construction - Allows you to order buildings from all sorts of blueprints.
  • Almanac - Black book which contains statistics on citizens, foreign power, and economy.