The folks that made Swordigo are releasing their new game, Grimvalor, on iOS this Autumn.

Grimvalor's look and tone is quite different from the team's previous games. Set in a dark fantasy world, you have to make your way through harsh environments, dealing with menacing monsters as you go.

It's an action platformer with hack 'n' slash-style combat. There are hardcore platforming segments and combat encounters that have you defend yourself from multiple enemies. It's an ambitious project, but based on the trailer things look promising.

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Perhaps the most surprising thing about Grimvalor is its graphics which are a massive leap up from what Swordigo's were. The art style also fits the mysterious dark world the game is trying to capture nicely.

Though you're going to have to wait until Autumn to get your hands on Grimvalor, you can check out the studio's other game, Swordigo, and our thoughts on it here.