Happy birthday App Store! Yes, Apple's iconic digital store front is ten years old today.

We've already taken a wander down memory lane through some of the most influential games from the App Store's history. We've also taken a look at the iOS games we've deigned to give a 10 out of 10 Platinum Award over the years.

But what about all of the brilliant games that have slipped into obscurity? Those that didn't quite get the big awards or the major plaudits, or which didn't stick around in the public consciousness for whatever reason?

There are way too many such games to recount them all - which is both sad and pretty damned amazing, when you think about it. But we can bring you a selection of forgotten gems from the first ten years of the App Store.

Many of these games aren't even playable any more, but we can all drink to their brilliance on this special occasion. Or, you know, read a bit about them and then go and play some actual available games instead. Whatever.