Alright, 2008 feels like a long time ago and - well - is. It's ten years, and a lot has happened in the world of mobile gaming in the past decade. When it comes to the App Store's very first year, however, these games really stood out to us.

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Mobile gaming has never been more prominent than it is right now and it's changed up quite a bit in the last ten years. But, what kicked everything off in the iOS gaming world?

Thankfully, App Spy was way ahead of the game and posted a video back in 2016 where they answered that very question. This seems like a pretty great time to repost it, so give it a watch.

Do you agree with the selection? Or, do you have another game from 2008 that sticks out in your mind? Tap Tap Revenge was a particular favourite of past-Emily's iPod Touch library, so I certainly won't be judging you.