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Guess what? We've got another incredible Asmodee-powered Twitch stream happening tomorrow.

The irrepressible James Gilmour is going to be showing off the super-interesting Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal tomorrow from 5pm UK time.

There's a chance we're going to have a super special guest on the stream as well. We're not going to tell you who just yet, but we can guarantee that you're not going to be disappointed when you find out.

If you've not heard about the game, it's a branching narrative RPG with board game elements that's based on the classic gamebooks. This first chunk features three legendary adventures, presented in a completely different way.
Click here and you'll be able to find out even more about the game.

Let's be honest here, all of that sounds awesome. But don't take our word for it, head over to this link at 5pm UK time tomorrow and find out for yourself.

In the meantime you can watch older streams at the same link. They're awesome as well.

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