If you’re a curling fan that simply cannot wait for the next winter Olympics to roll around, rest easy, as Pastille’s new colourful sports game Curling Buddies has slid its way onto mobile. Launching today for iOS, get your finger at the ready to stake your claim as the one and only curling champion.

The first thing you’ll notice about Curling Buddies is that it doesn’t play by the rules. As the name quite literally suggests, it isn't stones that you'll be hurling down the ice - instead you'll be using cute little characters as human ragdolls to hit your goals across 40 whimsical tracks.

Playing Curling Buddies is as simple as placing your finger on your user-created colourful character, before aiming at the desired target and finally dragging your finger forward in the direction of your choosing. The farther you drag, the more speed you get. But will you have what it takes to nail the perfect glide?

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Those craving a little more of a challenge will certainly find it in Curling Buddies’ Zombie Mode, which unlocks the further you advance in the game. Here is where you’ll need to contend with the undead hordes that have been unleashed amidst the tracks, meaning you’ll need to be even more precise to collect gems and pass the levels. If all else fails, just push the flesh-eaters out of the way.

Aim, throw, and glide your way to the curling championship in Curling Buddies, available now for iOS with the Android version set to come out soon.