While we're getting excited for Dragalia Lost, it's a great time to take a look at a little bit of news regarding Nintendo's first mobile outing, Super Mario Run. You may not think it did crazily well, but recent reports say it's just surpassed $60 million in almost two years which isn't a figure to sniff at.

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If you've not been on the internet for the past couple of years, Super Mario Run is Ninty's first whack at mobile gaming. Playing as Mario you zip through a number of courses in this autorunner and can complete it with only one hand.

When it launched it landed with a bang, but dropped to a fizzle and wheeze as players moved on. It's Ninty's only premium mobile title and though it launched on the App Store worldwide in December 2016 (and other areas before that) it took a little while to come to Google Play.

Statistics on Sensor Tower show that about 77% of revenue came from iOS while Android picked up the slack. Interestingly, the majority of players came from the United States with 43%, while Japan only covered about 17% of the player base.

It's hard to believe it's coming up two years since the game launched. It may have fizzled out, but its successes were definitely notable at the time as it threw a chokehold around the internet.

Personally, I'm looking forward to what Ninty brings to mobile in the future and that we may still get another couple of premium titles someday.

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