It's been a while since we first caught scent of Dragalia Lost and, finally, we've got a few more details about it. While we don't know what exact date we'll get it this summer or whether the East and West releases will be simultaneous, we're still eager to find out.

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The thought of Ninty bringing out another mobile game might not thrill you, but Dragalia Lost is its first original IP destined for smartphones and is being co-created by Shadowverse developer, Cygames.

Details appeared in the most recent issue of Famitsu regarding the characters and the world, and there's a lot to work through. I still can't read Japanese (it's on my to-do list), so thankfully Siliconera's on the ball.

As this is an RPG the protagonist, the Seventh Prince, must head off on a journey to complete his Dragon Selection trial in order to save his people. With his twin sister, Zecia, and curious fairy, Nahm, travelling too they'll meet over 60 characters who will help them along the way.

Once they've form a pact with a dragon, members of Alberian royalty can wield the creatures' massive strength to aid them. Some dragons you'll encounter are: Mercury (guardian dragon), Midgarzwarm (azure dragon), and Brunhilde (red dragon).

Story aside, an interview with Nintendo's Hideki Konno and Cygames' Hiroki Matsuura revealed that gameplay will be easy to pick up but technical. As well as cancelling attacks mid-combo, there are a bunch of tricky bosses you can't just charge in to fight against.

Though you'll be able to play solo, you can also play with up to four people to share the load. There's an ending to each part of the story and quests will be stamina-based.

I wasn't expecting anything less, but knowing how big and how detailed the game will (apparently) be really gets me excited. It'll be launching in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan sometime this summer, and will hopefully land in the West around the same time.

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