As we've moved into July, The Elder Scrolls: Blades has just cropped up on the App Store's pre-order page and it looks like it's aiming for a September 1st release. Don't forget, you can also pre-register for the game on Google Play if you're super keen.

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During E3, Bethesda surprised us all somewhat by announcing Blades during its presentation. While it's difficult to capture the essence of an excellent RPG on mobile, this upcoming game has been built from the ground up and designed for touch controls.

As is explained, you can play how it suits you - tapping to move or using duel sticks, and diving into responsive combat by tapping or swiping. You don't just have to rely on your sword skills, however, as you can use a mix of mele and magical abilities to get the job done.

One of the neatest features is its compatibility between landscape and portrait modes. Switching from one to the other seems easy, but we'll have to see how it really responds once the game comes out. I also expect the requirements for the game will be fairly steep since playing on iPhone X seems like the optimum way to go about it.

Bear in mind that while its App Store page says it'll be out on September 1st a lot can happen in two months. If it actually launches on the date stated I'll be very surprised (and happy), but then I'm a cynical ol' shrew.