Usually the words 'city builder' ring a bit of a warning bell in my head. The games are often free to play and rarely shy away at asking you to spend a bit of money to speed up production time, but Pocket City is premium and should be launching on iOS and Android on July 31st.

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As with most city builders, you start off as the city's new mayor with all of the perks and responsibilities that come with the gig. You need to build up residential, commercial, and industrial zones as well as parks and recreation (not the show) spots.

Aside from just making your city all cool and pretty, you've also got to manage crime, disasters, and make it a neat place to live. The better it is, the more you'll unlock and be rewarded for your troubles.

Personally, I'm super excited about this. I actually do enjoy tucking into a city builder, but usually don't have the patience to wait out the timers and am too stingy to pay to hurry up. Hopefully the experience we get will be just as awesome and addictive.

If you can't wait to get it on your iPhone or iPad, its pre-order is now live on the App Store which you can pick up for £4.99/$4.99.

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