Just when you thought Webzen’s tent-pole real-time action MMORPG was done, MU Origin goes ahead and introduces plenty of new contents to keep players defending this full 3D fantasy world. Yes, the game’s big new summer update has arrived. Better yet, it’s no slouch.

In addition to expected gameplay tweaks and server improvements, MU Origin is set to make more waves via the introduction of several new resource systems, an increased weapon tier, revised domain, and more. To give both new and existing players an idea of where to start, we thought we’d highlight five things to check out first in the game’s summer update.

Overhauled domain system

One of the most popular aspects to MU Origin is the ability for players to develop and maintain their own domain. It’s essentially a personal hub where you can construct your own buildings and mine resources, but for the longest time some players have struggled to find other things to do. Well not anymore, as MU Origin’s latest update serves to completely rework domains.

From now on when stepping into your domain, there’s a wealth of new buildings and activities to engage with. Expanding your domain is as simple as swiping your screen to reveal the new space available, using energy cores to then gain more resources and start building. Three new building types include: Fortress, Ruin, and Duelfield. All of which features their own events to undertake. It’s even easier to develop buildings now too because workers are no longer required.

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Higher weapon tier

Every update brings with it its own bunch of tougher enemies. However, Webzen is giving players to account for this increased challenge with some subtle tweaks. Chief amongst them is the addition of tier 13 equipment. Gear for all five classes (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, Magic Knight and Summoner) has been added, acquired with certain chances using tier 12 weaponry, transcendence points, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, and Immemorial Crystal.

This newly-added weapon tier is further backed up by a boosted level cap, which now stands at a raised 14 Rebirth Lv.100. The race is on to once again be the highest ranking adventurer in the land.

New all-server guild mode - Guild League

One of the summer update’s biggest new additions is a totally new all-server tournament mode that pits guild against guild. Known as Guild League, it’s here where factions across all of MU Origin’s servers enter a special battlefield called Olympus, attempting to beat each other by capturing the Temple and its respective flags.

To take part, your guild will need to be lv.6 or higher and register in either a Major or Minor league. Registration is available every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday between 20:30 and 21:00. It’s a small window, so only the most dedicated are likely to get in. Both Major and Minor seasons happen of a course of 4 weeks, with plenty rewards awaiting those who win the final.

New PvP mode – Duelfield

Not part of a guild currently? No sweat! MU Origin has got you covered with its summer update once again with the introduction of Duelfield, another PVP mode where you can challenge and enslave other warriors in the same rebirth by defeating them. Capturing slaves is the main way to win, allowing you to send them to do labour and bring back resources for you.

There’s every opportunity to be ruthless with your foe of the same rebirth. A maximum of four slaves can be captured at any one time, and each one can’t be sent to labour up to 10 times a day. Playing Duelfield smartly means that plenty of rewards lie in store.

Two new resource systems – Oracle and Alchemy

Hopefully it’s become clear that much of MU Origin’s new modes and features mean that there are more avenues than ever to gain resources. But what are you to do with them? We mentioned earlier that they prove particularly useful when developing buildings in your domain, but the summer update also introduces Oracle and Alchemy systems where they can be used.

First up, Alchemy is a system where you can exchange resources like Gem, Achievement, Star Essence etc. into a whole new resource called Alchemy Point. These points can then be alchemised to randomly increase such stats as HP and Accuracy. Then there’s Oracle, which opens upon completion of the main quest, Hero's Soul, after 11 Rebirth Lv. 1, where you can achieve and equip Runes to enhance skills further.

Think you know MU Origin? Think again! The game’s latest features are free to download and check out now.