It's been a couple of months since we say the FEMUR update arrive in Death Road to Canada, and now it's almost time to say hello to the GIZZARD update on iOS and a price rise.

The GIZZARD update, like its previous one, is a big 'un. As well as adding a new character, level improvements, new weapons, and multiplayer improvements, there'll be some highly requested tweaks and fixes too.

You can see the full changelog over on TA's forum, but here's a rough idea of what you'll see:

  • The hospital generation and room crash bugs have been fixed
  • On-death attributes have been changed
  • Rare character, Moody, will be added
  • Weapon support for Rocket Launched and Electric Tools added
  • New weapons for Moody added - Moody Launcher, Moody Chainsaw, and Off-Brand Plasms Rifle
  • The Last Mall of Earth (a new special training camp) added
  • Added ability for trading camps to force a rare trader

When prompted about multi-platform save syncs, Rocketcat responded saying it was on the list of things to do. It might make it into the 2nd Anniversary update, but it might not.

As for the game's price increase, Death Road to Canada will rise from £12.99/$12.99 to £13.99/$13.99 this Friday (June 19th), and will eventually end up at £14.99/$14.99 after the August/September update.

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