Nintendo is getting the ol’ hype machine revved up for the impending launch of Octopath Traveler. The company just released a new bite-sized trailer today highlighting some of the game’s characters.

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Octopath Traveler will feature eight unique characters, each of whom has their own individual story for you to play through. You can choose which character you want to explore the world as, and you’ll have the option to switch between them depending on how you want to experience the game. This new trailer highlights this feature in a brief 30-second reel. We played Octopath Traveler back in May and found it to be a rewarding, but very challenging experience. If you’re looking for a JRPG with old-school trappings, you’ll probably want to pick this one up when the time comes. Octopath Traveler launches on July 13, and as we learned last week, will not have any DLC after its release.

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