I do like a chiseled set of abs, my friends. Oh yes, the male form can be magnificent, and when it comes to sheer sex appeal, the Love Island: The Game lads have got it in spades.

But the important question is, as always, who's the one true love? Who's the hardest husbando? And it's a difficult choice, but we'd say it depends on what your tastes are.

The fact is, we need a man who's going to treat us right. We don't need a man who brings home the bacon while I'm at home, no, we need a man who's just willing to do something special for us every now and then after a hard day at work. And if abs are also involved, then it's just a flat out victory.

Here we've broken down all of the big and bad Love Island boys so you can pick your one true love. Aren't we helpful?

You can check out the Love Island: The Game ladies right here. Love Island The Game