A week ago we had news that Yo-Kai Watch's newest smartphone game was to be revealed in a special stream this week. While we were hoping that the new AR game wouldn't hop too eagerly on the GO bandwagon, it is just that.

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Yo-Kai Watch World mashes up Pokemon GO and Yo-Kai mechanics in this new AR experience. Playing as an unnamed protagonist, you need to keep your eyes open and your phone on as you search for yo-kai across the world (Japan, currently).

Fill up your yo-kai encyclopedia and battle the creatures to get the chance to befriend them. Once you've buddied up, you'll be able to help them grow stronger with each battle.

Unlike Pokemon GO, you can also stick your yo-kai to other players where they can nip off to other places and perhaps bring back special presents and yo-kai you might not have been able to get otherwise.

There are also Yo-kai Trees to plant - which creates an area for yo-kai to gather - an outing map feature, and big Advent Boss fights for the time being.

You can grab Yo-Kai Watch World on the App Store or Google Play if you live in Japan. We're not yet sure if it'll be extending to the West, but we'll have to wait and see.

Source: Siliconera