It's been almost a month since we covered the news that PUBG Corp was taking Fortnite to court and ultimately, as anyone could've predicted, the studio has decided to drop its lawsuit.

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According to Bloomberg, PUBG Corp. contacted Epic Games on Monday announcing their withdrawal and the case has hence been closed. Though the information has been confirmed, it's still not clear why the change of heart or what settlements were made, if any.

I mean, I'm pretty sure anyone you speak to about the attempt will tell you it wasn't likely to succeed. Not only does Tencent have shares in Epic, but PUBG also uses Unreal Engine to create the game which Epic developed.

Not only that, but while PUBG Corp. put forward concerns about Fortnite's similarities its recent mobile update put forward a few similarities itself. Namely introducing the Royale Pass, emotes, new character profiles, and other bits.

I think at this point, trying to argue over who owns the rights to 'battle royale'-style games is a losing game for all parties.