Developer Four Horses revealed today that Miles & Kilo, the sequel to 2D platformer Kid Tripp, is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer. Players who purchase the Switch version will get a copy of Kid Tripp for free if they don’t own it already. For those who already have Kid Tripp on Switch, they’ll receive a 50% discount on Miles & Kilo. That’s pretty a good deal in our book!

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Miles & Kilo, much like its predecessor, is a colorful retro 2D platformer that you can play through as a regular action adventure, or switch to autorun mode to get the fastest time possible. Throughout 36 levels, players will dodge spiders and pesky monkeys, go surfing, and swing over spikes and bottomless pits.
We gave it a Silver Award when it launched on iOS and Android last year. Our astute reviews editor Harry said of the game, “Miles & Kilo has clearly been put together with such love that it's almost impossible not to get wrapped up in it.”

You can download Miles & Kilo from the Switch eShop starting on July 5 for £7.19, and the discount runs until July 12.

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