In this week's big ol' Clash Royale update, it's a bit of a two-parter. On one hand you've got a scattering of balances and on the other hand you've got the Summer Update. Both are live right now on iOS and Android so make sure you've got the latest version of the game downloaded.

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While you can check out the list of Balance changes on the game's website here (and in the video above), its Summer Update is a bit of a mixed bag. Though it's got some exciting new stuff thrown into the mix, it's also ceasing its support for older operating systems due to technical reasons. So, if you're using an iOS device that's iOS 8 and below or an Android device using 4.0.4 and below, you might want to turn off your auto-updates until you upgrade to a newer version.

Moving back to the update, you can read the full spec here but just to sum up the important bits you've now got two new cards, Giant Snowball (2-Elixer Common in Frozen Peak) and Royal Hogs (5-Elixer Rare in Hog Mountain), with another coming in July.

There are also two new Emotes available in the shop, Goblin and Princess, with more on the way, and a little bit of a tweak to 1v1 Arena Battles and League Season reset points.

With the 1v1 Arena Battles, the unlock order of cards has been rearranged to:

  • "Create Arenas where cards complement each other mechanically
  • Ensure there are always answers to win conditions within an Arena
  • Move low use rate, spicy cards to later Arenas
  • Where possible, match cards thematically to their Arena
  • Each new Arena will introduce new or unique mechanics"

Clan Wars is also getting a little love as Gold rewards have been doubled - including War Chest and Victory Gold, you can rewatch your Clan's, and spectate the enemy Clan's, War Day battle for funsies, and more.