Yesterday, while waiting for Suzy Cube to drop, Noodlecake Games had one major surprise for us after it, Snowman, and the official Alto's Odyssey Twitter account revealed that we only have to wait until next month to start surfing desert sands on Android.

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Alto's Adventure was such a huge hit that we couldn't wait to get our hands on Alto's Odyssey when it landed on iOS in February. Unsurprisingly we thought it was brilliant, awarding it a highly favourable Gold Award in its review.

"Alto's Odyssey shows once again that simplicity doesn't need to mean simple. It shows that poise and grace are just as effective methods of engagement as noise and spectacle. If you loved the original game, then your heart is already set on this one, as well it should be. But there's such a rich, glorious game here, that I'd happily recommend it to anyone."

Pre-register on Google Play right now to be among the first folks to know when it goes live next month. We'll know the definite date in a matter of weeks.