During this week's Nintendo Direct the news that Fortnite was headed to the Switch dropped and was quickly followed by its launch date - later that day/night. Even in just over a day the downloads have already reached 2 million and likely won't be slowing down anytime soon.

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Of course, that's not totally surprising news is it? As THE most popular game in the world at the moment, pulling in 125 million total players across its platforms, and by throwing it on the Switch - one of the most popular consoles - it's a recipe for success whatever way you look at it. You can read our Switch Fortnite review right here.

The only thing that's proving difficult at the moment despite its cross-compatibility with iOS, Mac, PC, and Xbox One, players who have previously played on the PlayStation aren't allowed to use their accounts on Nintendo Switch which is just... bizarre.

It's a huge controversy and a bit of a rough move on Sony's part to not play fair with the other kids, competitors or not. But, hey, businesses are gonna do what they're gonna do, and Ninty does support cross-play with the above platforms.
Source: Polygon

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