We've all played our share of RPGs and know what it's like to control our own digital lives in some sense, but what if you only had an hour to live? One Hour One Life explores that in an interesting way as it makes the leap from PC/Mac to iOS and Android.

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In One Hour One Life you start off as a baby, or as a young woman if there aren't any mothers in the server, and each minute that passes in real time is a year in-game. The aim is to live as good a life as possible so you can leave useful things to your children and grandchildren before dying at 60.

As a baby you're totally helpless and it's up to those on the server to help raise you and, in turn, maybe you'll raise a player down the line. Each life puts you in contact with different players with a variety of experience, but even after your life is over you can keep an eye on your family tree to see how they're progressing.

It may not look like much, but I think this will be a great mobile game to dig into. Like a bunch of multiplayer games, there's a rush of getting thrown in with strangers except it's beneficial for everyone to work together to advance their society.

One Hour One Life launches on mobile in July. We're not sure of the specific date or what price it'll be just yet, but we'll let you know.