Pocket Gamer and Friends

It's the end of the week, and gosh, it's been a toughie. But you know what's not so tough? Looking at the wonderful content from our sister sites. Yeah. Segues.

So, kick back, grab a drink, and have a look over the wonderful work our friends around the Steel Media network and have throwing out this week. It's good! I swear!


Harry's been off somewhere the latter part of this week. We're not sure where exactly. To be honest we're too scared to ask. But he has got some tasty content up in his absence, so that's nice.

Rather than cover the big games that came out, he decided to get his SEO head on and look at the best Jurassic Park games you can play on your mobile devices right this very moment.

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The selection is a bit meagre, which is a shame given the wonderful franchise the games use, but Lego Jurassic World is probably a good shout – can't go wrong with that series really.


Christian has kept the ol' Hidden Gem train rolling this week, and this time it's a twofer – he's highlighted both Yellow and Red as puzzle games you need to play.

"Both games feature 50 stages, all aesthetically themed as a black background overlaid by a puzzle in the games' corresponding color", he writes.

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"Your goal is to fill the screen with a single color, but how you accomplish this goal is what makes Yellow and Red such enjoyable experiences."

AppSpy Video

James has churned out a whole bunch of videos this week, and while you should really watch them all, here's two that will give you a nice taste of his work.

First up is Blazefury, which sounds like a properly decent mix of tapper and shmup, something I can wholeheartedly get behind.

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And then we have Slickpoo the Clown, which James… well, let's just say he wasn't a particularly big fan.

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