Since its World Cup Month here at Pocket Gamer, I thought it was important that TableTap got in on the action. So that's what I'm doing right now. Hardcore football action.

I'm going to roundup three of the football board games we'd like to see coming out on digital. Not included is the football board game I invented when I was seven years old, which involved Topps cards and a 2p piece. It was awesome though.


The classic football board game. It's pretty in-depth, it takes a while to play a game, but if you've got a friend it's well worth it. And that flicking is going to be pretty easy to translate to mobile. Flick things, swipe to save goals.

There could be some AR involved, there could be some collectible ideas that lets you buy and trade the players you want. Really I'm surprised that no one's done this yet.

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This one has more of a classic board game feel. The theme is layered on heavily, but you're rolling dice and drawing cards and trying to get the ball into your opponent's goal.

It's definitely an interesting idea, and it'll probably take less set up than a game of Subbuteo. Plus who doesn't love rolling dice? No one. No one doesn't like rolling dice.

Soccer Sports Dice

How do you play football with just five dice? Well, you make sure all of this dice are different colours, and then you write different things on the sides of the different dice.

This is actually a really smart distillation of the fundamentals of a football game, but it can fit in your pocket. Subbuteo and Socceristic can't fit in your pocket at all, so it's definitely got that going for it.