May might not have been the most exciting month for digital board games, but there's still a couple of decent games that you should be checking out if you haven't already.

One's set in space, the other's set under the ground. And they're both about laying down cards. One of them has more dice, one of them has more aliens. You can probably guess which is which.

Among the Stars - download for iOS / Android
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This is a game all about building a space station. You lay cards, earning victory points in a variety of different ways. There's a great campaign mode, and a suite of different multiplayer modes that allow you to take on players around the world.

At review we called it "a thematically strong card-based building game that's an awful lot of fun," and then gave it a shiny Silver Award.

Click here to read our full Among the Stars review One Deck Dungeon - download for iPad / Android
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This one only works on iPads and Android tablets. It's out on Steam as well though if that's you're bag. Interestingly it mixes together roguelike elements, card game mechanics, and plenty of dice rolls as well.

We've not got round to reviewing this one yet, but it's definitely the sort of thing we like to champion here at TableTap. So consider this a recommendation. Go and get it right now.