Shadowgun Legends is getting a huge number of changes with its latest Brothers of Fire update, which is live today.

The update will introduce two new co-operative dungeons, title Hive Mind and Brothers of Fire. There are now two arenas, four raids, and over 150 operation missions within the game to challenge your time. Additionally, the Jungle Lab map has been added to the duel section.

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You'll also be able to keep in touch with your teammates in real time, as the update introduces voice chat to the game as well. And for those of you who want to stream your team's victories, there's additional support for video capture and streaming to Youtube and other platforms.

On top of the various content updates, there's a wealth of new cosmetic items to explore as well, with new Basilisk and Invictus armor sets, a variety of epic weapons, a cosmetic set inspired by the Egyptian god Horus, and an array of helmets, stickers, emotes, and paints.

Our original review of the game gave it a gold award, calling it "a fierce and compelling FPS that will keep you enthralled from the second you load it up." It also praised the multiplayer aspect – which only seems set to improve, given the latest update.

You can download the game for free from either the Play Store or the App Store.

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