After only a few months since we caught wind of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth's Eastern mobile port, the game's just launched worldwide on iOS and Android. You can grab it on the App Store or Google Play for a rather steep £15.99/$15.99.

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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is an RPG originally launched on the PlayStation back in 1999/2000 (JP/NA) and PSP in 2006. In its review, we said: "As an opportunity to connect with an overlooked and fairly unique PlayStation RPG, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a great package. Having said that, its merits as a handheld game are a little lacking – in particular, the loading issues make it less than ideal and its unusual battle system is hard to pick up on a whim." It'll be interesting to see if Square Enix has worked on the game's loading times and slightly iffy controls for its mobile port.

Set in heart of Norse mythology, you take up arms as the Valkyrie, tasked in harvesting souls of worthy warriors to help fight with the Gods to prevent Ragnarok - the end of the world. You need to fight alongside and upgrade your team (Einherjar) before sending them off to Asgard to fight.
Of course, not everyone on Midgard is too keen about being reaped for a deity's war, so you're not in for an easy ride. Along the way you'll discover your own story and have to learn to live with your choices through each chapter.