If you’re someone who feels more at home doing battle in the air rather than on the ground, The War of Genesis might be your dream come true. Having just recently soft-launched in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore, Joycity’s latest Strategy MMORPG - the first to be released in the popular, long-running The War of Genesis SRPG series - places you in charge of your own flying command centre.

The new fantasy-set title is currently only available on Android in the aforementioned territories. However, don’t fret, wider expansion is planned for the near future. In the meantime, lucky players can jump into The War of Genesis which places you in the world of Antaria as an admiral of your own airship, carefully assembling an eclectic cast of allies along the way.

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Your party can consist of anything from Rangers, Paladins, Mages, and even the very monsters you do battle with. Haunting Skeletons, powerful Orcs, and mischievous Goblins all have their advantages, but will they make the cut in your final team? You’ll come across more foes the more you play until reaching your perfect party setup. If you're ever struggling in combat, you can also enlist the aid of Machina (powerful robotic giants) to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

The bulk of your time in The War of Genesis will be spent fighting for control of the Antaria skies, but once you're ready to drop your anchor, you can join a guild to set up a permanent base of operations. Once you do, the full scale of the game's strategy element truly opens up, pitting you in fierce battles with other players to assert your dominance in the game. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore the map for enemies, allies, and resources, to give you every advantage possible in fending off attacks from other players.

Stay tuned for future updates on all things sky ships and strategy with The War of Genesis coming soon. To keep track of the latest news around the game, be sure to check out its official Facebook page.