Artful Balancer is making a dramatic return with its biggest update yet. Developer MM347’s colorful puzzle and arcade combo is changing things up in a big way with new game play features, and yes, even iPhone X optimisation.

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The new version is boosting the challenge level, making for a much more rewarding experience. Rather than coasting through the levels and collecting gold, you’ll need to think about each move you make very carefully, using your on wits and strategy to beat each level.

Not only will the game play better, it’s going to look a bit different, too. Artful Balancer is adding new themes, including forest, desert, pyramid, and ice environments to keep things looking fresh. A new HUD will also let you see your in-game boost balances for the first time ever.

If you’re new to the game, Artful Balancer is a unique mix of puzzle and arcade game elements. The game boasts three different level types—normal (arcade), strategic (puzzle), and weights (arcade). Your main objective is to balance colorful balls, find matching pairs, and earn lots and lots of gold. Hazard balls can throw off your well-laid plans, so make sure you’re adding the right spheres to your teetering stacks. Boosters like slo-mo, pause, and boost can help you out of any tricky situations.

You can play Artful Balancer for free right now on iOS.