Get ready to train hard and punch faces on Switch, as Punch Club releases on May 24th.

If you're unfamiliar with the game, it's all about training to become a fighter in order to work your way up the ranks and find out who ended your father's life.

Along the way you'll also have to face a variety of challenges, including managing a job so you have the money to train, developing different skills, and surviving random encounters.

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There's plenty to keep you busy here, and it's likely you'll find something to enjoy even if you aren't that interested in the initial premise.

Our original review of the game gave it a gold award, calling it "a rich and rewarding fighting sim that gives you plenty to do, and makes sure you have fun while you're doing it."

If you're not one for waiting, you can grab Punch Club on the App Store or Google Play for $4.99/£4.99.