Alright, it's no secret that I adore Stardew Valley. It's my happy place game and I'm stoked to hear that it's headed to PlayStation Vita on May 22nd for $15.

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If you haven't caught any of my raving posts, or seen the internet going crazy over it, Stardew Valley is a pixel farming simulator RPG. After inheriting your grandfather's old farm, you leave the confides of the city and head on up to Stardew Valley to start a simpler life. Build relationships, grow crops, raise animals, and restore the town's greatness once again.

This comes just weeks after Chucklefish and ConcernedApe announced the launch of its Steam open multiplayer beta (which I've played an embarrassingly large amount of already).

According to its PlayStation blog post, the game will be Cross-Buy, meaning you'll only need to purchase it once to play it on both PS4 and PS Vita. If you already own it on PS4, you'll be able to download it on your Vita in a couple of weeks totally free.

Developer ConcernedApe also confirmed that it'd be launching as version 1.2, though there's no word yet on whether it'll be Cross-Save as well.

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